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Bleriot XI



The Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome’s Bleriot XI was donated to Cole Palen in 1952 by Bill Champlin of Laconia, NH, Mr. Champlin obtained it from Professor H.H. Coburn, who as a boy had observed the aeroplane in a junkyard while bicycling to and from work each day. Coburn finally procured it and kept it stored for many years. It appears that the Bleriot had crashed at an air meet in Sauguss, MA in 1910, and when received by Cole it was approximately 25% complete. New wings, stabilizer and elevators were built. The front third and rear third of the fuselage are original and it is powered by a 35 HP Anzani “Y” type engine. The maximum altitude that this Bleriot has flown at the Aerodrome is approximately 60’. It is the oldest flying aircraft in the United States, and the second oldest flying aircraft in the world.

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