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  • 6 5 16 - Mid-Hudson R/C Annual Spring Fun-Fly
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Curtiss JN-4H Jenny



On January 30, 1957 Cole Palen received (by rail) 19 pieces of a wrecked aircraft from C.W. Adams, Jr. of Winter Haven, FL. The aircraft had been advertised as a Standard J-1 but turned out to be an engine-less “Hisso” Curtiss JN-4H “Jenny”. There was no previous history available with regard to this airplane. Over the years some of the missing original parts (wings, radiator, etc.) turned up, along with a 180 HP Hispano Suiza Model E engine which was obtained from the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, PA. Restoration began in 1967 and the aircraft was rebuilt from original parts and sections from other JN-4s. This is one of only three Hisso powered Jennies flying in the world today. It flew regularly at the Aerodrome from 1969 through 1998. In 1998 it was stripped down for total restoration and returned to the sky in 2001.