Air Shows

“It Isn’t An Airplane If It Doesn’t Fly”
-Cole Palen

Our air shows entertain and educate. Our 2017 Season runs June 10th to October 22nd. Click on the calendar to check for special shows and events. Shows start at 2:00 and run until about 4:00. Be sure to come early or plan to stay late to see the Museum and take a biplane ride. The Gift Shop and Snack bar will be open.

The stars are the historic airplanes including our 1909 Bleriot, the oldest regularly flying airplane in the Western Hemisphere; the Fokker DR-I Triplane, the most famous fighter of WWI; and a precise replica of the Spirit of St. Louis, which was the first aircraft to fly NY to Paris in 1927. While aircraft rotate on and off the flightline, usually 15-20 are flyable for our shows.

The Saturday “History of Flight” program highlights the Pioneer era before WWI, a WWI show teaser, and the Golden Age of Aviation in the ’20s and ’30s.

The Sunday Show is our WWI dog fight spectacular with a hero, a heroine (Cheer!), the villainous Black Baron of Rhinebeck (Boo!), scenery, pyrotechnics and a WWI tank. The supporting cast includes many antique automobiles.

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