VR Cockpit Tours

Photographer Jim Walker created these virtual experiences.  Click the photo, sit in the seat, put your hands and feet on the controls, and look around. Use your arrow keys and mouse/trackpad to navigate.

1910 Hanriot Copy with 45 HP Franklin Engine. It was a winner at aviation meets in Europe and was often flown by 14 year old Marcel Hanriot, son of the designer and the youngest licensed aviator on the continent. Hanriot was a boat builder and adapted his racing design for the fuselage. Built by Cole Palen and Andy Keith.

1911 Curtiss Model D Copy with 90 HP Curtiss OX-5 Engine. The Model was typical of Curtiss machines at the time.  The original was powered with a 40 HP Curtiss E-4 Engine. It was marketed to private owners, and domestic and foreign military as on observation craft. Cole Palen built the copy in 1976.

1916 Sopwith Pup Copy with 80 HP Le Rhone Rotary Engine. It saw success against the German machines of 1916 as it was extremely maneuverable on less horsepower.  Outclassed by later German aircraft it saw action in homeland defense and early shipboard take offs and landings. The copy was built by Brian Coughlin.

1927 Ryan Spirit of St Louis copy with Wright J5-C “Whirlwind” Engine. The plane Lindbergh flew from NY to Paris, nonstop, in 36 hours.  Cole Palen started the copy, it was completed by Ken Cassens, and test flown in December of 2015. It is the most authentic Spirit flying and it lacks only the long range gas tanks.